• Laurel A. Rockefeller

Violets in bloom: a walk through Johnstown's "Central Park."

Tuesday I took a walk through Johnstown Pennsylvania's "Central Park." I put that in scare quotes because to me the only Central Park is the one in Manhattan. It was a lovely walk, a diversion from my nearby apartment to the post office where I collect my mail. You could say I was going to the post office "the long way around" as the Doctor says. Common violets mixed with the increasingly green grass in perfect compliment to the planted tulips and daffodils in bloom around the monuments to the fallen of different wars affecting the area. Here are three photos I took with my cell phone from that walk.

Here's a field of common violets. Facing south. Ameriserv Bank is in the background.

The park is filled with blooming trees like this one. Many of the tulips are planted at the base of these same trees. This is a view facing west toward Franklin street. There's a Methodist church and a bakery on that block.

Finally, a view of the northwest corner of the park -- and yes, my shopping cart I use to run errands. The post office is in the upper left.

Though Johnstown's Central Park is not nearly as big or nice as the one in NYC, I still had a nice time taking a leisurely and healthy stroll through it.

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