• Laurel A. Rockefeller

Traveling to Europe with Oral B Electric Toothbrush

Oral-B Electric Toothbrushes sold in the United States only work on 110v currents for the United States and Canada. So what do you do if you are traveling to Europe for more than one week and need to charge your brush while overseas?

The simple and least expensive option: buy a 220 volt base.

It took a little digging, but I found the link for buying the base. Essential if you are planning a trip. That link is https://braun.encompass.com/item/10624247/Oral-B/81477283/. If you have a Genius series which uses a lithium-ion battery, the charger for your brush is at https://braun.encompass.com/item/10868429/Oral-B/81574175/ Price: about $30 -- which is cheaper and more compact than the other option which is to buy a voltage converter and plug. The 220 volt charger uses a two prong EU plug. If your travel takes you to England, Scotland, Wales, N. Ireland, and/or the Republic of Ireland you will need a plug adapter for it as well. One of my favourite places for voltage converters, plug adapters, region free DVD/Blu-ray players and basically anything electronic that uses 220 volts is https://www.220-electronics.com/. I bought my region free DVD player along with multiple plug adapters and found the prices among the best anywhere.

Note: some of the top of the line models now have USB cables on their chargers. These don't need a separate charging station calibrated for 200 volts. Instead, all you need for those is an adapter plug for the country you are traveling to.

Sadly, neither the packaging nor descriptions on Oral B brushes tell you anything about voltage or where you can use the brush before you buy it.

If you travel outside of the USA, consider the expense of buying not only the brush itself, but also this second charger as part of the total cost of your toothbrush.

Honestly, if I had known my Oral B 1500 WASN'T duel voltage and I would need a second charger for when I'm in Europe, I probably would have spent more and gotten a fancier model that is already travel ready and compatible with Scotland and England.

For more information, go to https://oralb.com/en-us/can-i-use-my-oral-b-electric-toothbrush-charger-abroad/.

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