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Throwback Thursday: Evolution of Great Succession Crisis cover art

It’s Thursday.  You know what that means:  time to flash back to the past and see where we’ve been.  For the next three Thursdays, we will look at the evolution of cover art in The Peers of Beinan Series, visually exploring how the book covers have changed since the series launch in August, 2012.

Cover art for The Great Succession Crisis, 1st edition paperback as published in September, 2012. Thanks to constructive criticism from reviewers, this cover art changed for the revised edition.

September, 2012.  Two copies are formatted and printed from the original SmashWords digital publication.  I have one; my mother has the other.  Among the problems with this original print:  no page numbers, mis-spellings, and imperfect punction.

Official first edition cover for The Great Succession Crisis from October, 2012. Only sixty copies were printed of this edition

October, 2012.  The back cover is now gold.  Sixty copies were printed as the official “1st Edition.”  Less than five copies were sold; the remainder were donated to various literacy programs.  If you received a copy from one of these programs, that book is now worth something!

In January 2014 the cover changed again, abandoning the heraldry and leaving just Anlei walking among the stars.

In January 2014, the cover changed again, deleting the heraldry in favor of Anlei walking among the stars.

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