• Laurel A. Rockefeller

The Godiva Book Award Explained

The Naked Reviewers are a team of book lovers and book bloggers from around the world who read and review books for free. Reviewers tend to be published authors, resulting in a keen and usually critical eye (and ear in the case of audiobooks) for detail. See list of current Naked Reviewers. Though some reviews come from an organic find online, nearly all books reviewed by the NR are found and chosen through an author request form on the Naked Reviewers blog. Once the request is received, it is checked for compliance with instructions posted on the site before being forwarded to all reviewers for consideration. Each submitted book is then voted upon. It takes a minimum of two "yes" votes on a specific book before it is placed on the schedule.

Since this is a free service and books are read during the reviewer's free time, only the best of the best are chosen for reviews by the NR team. As a result, very few books submitted to the Naked Reviewers are chosen for review with most books rejected by the team. Poor editing, clumsy language, confusing book blurbs, and unappealing plots or book covers are the most common reasons for rejection. Sometimes a book is rejected because it belongs to a genre not generally favored by the group. Case in point: American Poverty which was rejected because of its political science and economics genres.

The Naked Reviewers accepts books regardless of when the book was written and published. However, new books (published in the same calendar year as the review) are eligible for the Naked Reviewers' Book of the Year awards. In most years, depending on the number of submissions in that calendar year, two Book of the Year awards are offered.

The Emperor's Choice Award is given to the best book in the under age 18 category. It is awarded to the under age 18 book "... that proves itself worthy of being the best above the rest. Books will be judged on the quality of cover art, effectiveness in reaching the target age group, exceptional writing quality, meticulous formatting, and internal layout and design elements," according to lead reviewer Sherry Terry.

The Godiva Award is for books non-classified as primarily for children and teens under the age of 18, "this award showcases the best in adult fiction. Thus, to award the courage and tenacity it takes to produce a quality independent book in today’s changing industry, we designed this award for the best overall book in adult fiction. Categories include (but are not limited to) Science fiction, fantasy, time slip, romance, historical fiction, erotica/LGBT, Christian/inspirational, suspense, action, etc."

In some cases a book falls under both Emperor's Choice and Godiva award criteria. Case in point: His Red Eminence which is suitable for readers over 15 years old. A vote of team members (of which I was not a part at the time) made the decision to award Eminence to the Godiva category and to not offer the Emperor's Choice for 2019 published books.

Though perhaps not the most famous of book awards at this time, the Godiva award is a peer-reviewed award given to the best new book published for each calendar year. I am very proud to be the 2019 winner and that my peers have seen the value of this most unconventional of books. Eminence entertains while it educates and transports you to the court of King Louis XIII of France as few biographies or historical fiction novels. It is my sincerest hope this blog post better helps you understand the Godiva award and that very soon you will make His Red Eminence your next read.

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