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Summer Coffee Experiment: Iced Coffee Without the Coffee Maker

It’s hot — too hot for hot coffee.  This is one of my favorite food posts to Yahoo Voices made on August 6th, 2013.

Summer Coffee Experiment: Iced Coffee Without the Coffee Maker

Beating the Heat with a Surprising Alternative to Brewed Coffee

 It’s hot out there! If you are like me, and odds are you are, the idea of drinking hot anything just doesn’t have the same appeal as it does in October. So what is a coffee lover supposed to do?Drink iced of course!But iced coffee still has to be brewed — or does it?

This summer I’ve conducted a special coffee experiment: put away the coffee maker and make iced coffee entirely using INSTANT coffee.

Did I just say INSTANT? Yes. I realize this is heresy in the coffee world, but yes! At least on a trial basis, an experiment designed to see if I can avoid heating my apartment, even for several minutes, by way of the coffee maker.

Being picky about coffee, just ANY instant coffee will not do. For the experiment, I bought a three ounce canister of Folgers classic roast crystals. I also opened up a bottle of my favorite flavored creamer –Baileys lately.

Here’s the approximate recipe I’ve used this summer so far:

one to two ounces Baileys creamer 1 to 1/2 tsp instant Folgers classic roast coffee crystals eight to ten ounces whole milk.

Put each of these in order in a standard 12 ounce glass. Stir vigorously. If the day is especially hot, add one or two ice cubes.

I usually then let the coffee sit for a couple minutes to give any unmixed coffee the chance to saturate — then drink it. No sugar required (and I love my coffee sweet) unless I choose to omit the creamer that day — which tastes just as good with a little sugar added to compensate.

The end product is essentially an iced cafe au lait or iced coffee Americano at least as good as any iced coffee I’ve bought at Starbucks. Cost: about fifty cents per glass, depending on the brand of creamer you use with the milk.

After drinking my coffee this way for the last seven weeks, I’m sold; I just bought another canister of instant Folgers to cover the rest of the summer.

As picky as I am about coffee and food in general, this passes my test. Try it yourself!

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