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Reblog: Why Authors Hate Facebook…And You Should Too!

The following appeared in the 3rd September 2014 Book Daily newsletter by “Michelle.”

This is such good advice, I simply have to share it with you as well.  It ties in nicely with my earlier article on advertising with facebook.


need to vent! I just can’t anymore. I want to be all happy when I jump on Facebook and post something about an authors new book or share something that is on my blog, even just share a giveaway from someone else but nope you can’t because if you even attempt to share anything you only get about 15 views. 15 views out of 1350 followers…seriously?!?! I know I am not a popular blog and I am not going to pretend I am (at least not out loud but in my mind I am wonderful lol), I love the followers I have and like everyone else I would love to have more, more views on my blog, more comments, that would be great. How can I even attempt to get any of those when one of the major places for me to share my stuff wont share my stuff. What is the point of having a Facebook page now? Why do I bother posting anything? Why haven’t I gotten rid of it? Maybe because I hope that at some point they will stop being dirtbags and help out the little people and change the algorithm back to the way it use to be.

First they changed it to limit posts with links from being seen by your followers. Then recently, they change it again making even a simple text post not viewable to your followers. They say you can get more followers if you can get likes and comments. Umm how am I suppose to do that if no one sees my post???

I have 1350 followers and I can’t even reach them!

Do you have a page, have you looked at the unrealistic insight page….you know the one that tells you the stats of your sight? Well gee I wonder why mine sucks so bad—Oh that’s right because no one can see my friggin posts!!! It shows 49% down likes. How can anyone like me if everyone that is already my follower can’t see me, how will new followers see me? Most of the time people delete a page because they think they are inactive, I am not inactive I am very active I just realized if I post no one is going to see it and it totally looks like I am talking to myself. Now I do see a lot of people get a lot of likes and comments and they post everyday mostly because they ask people to comment and I have attempted that but I still get no views. So my guess is Facebook really does hate me!! (I wonder how they will feel after this post)

Am I completely insane or does this sound like the stupidest way to run a SOCIAL media page? NO I will not pay because even that is unrealistic you want me to pay HOW MUCH FOR A MONTH? I am not a huge company, I am a cute (yes cute) little blogger that just wants to share my passion for books and my love for the people who write them. Is that so hard to ask for something to help these people out that can bring joy to so many others? It so STUPID!!!!

So I sit and ask myself why bother? Why keep facebook? I don’t know, I really keep it because when I write a post it goes to my twitter page and you can get more words on Facebook then you can on twitter. I am sorry 140 characters is just not meant for someone who can talk as much as me. So for now I will keep it and hope it gets better but I have a feeling it wont and a lot of us smaller people will no longer be on Facebook or just use it and hope the 15 people who do see it at least enjoy the post.

Rant over

About the Author: Michelle is a Reader, Blogger, Reviewer, Graphic Designer, Disney Crazy, Video Game player, Lover of Fairytale Re-tellings & all things make believe. She started reviewing books after realizing how great it was to share her reading experience with others (I can talk for hours about books). You can find her on her blog Because Reading Is Better Than Real Life and on Twitter. You probaly won’t find her on Facebook.

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