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“Quantum Leap” Guest Stars Who Shaped Science Fiction

The science fiction theme continues with this look at Quantum Leap.

“Quantum Leap” Guest Stars Who Shaped Science Fiction

“Quantum Leap” starring Scott Bakula (later known as Captain Jonathan Archer from “Star Trek Enterprise”) and Dean Stockwell (1984 “Dune’s” Doctor Wellington Yueh with “Star Trek the Next Generation’s” Patrick Stewart) was one of network television’s most ambitious and creative science fiction series. For five years audiences were mesmerized as we watched Dr. Samuel Beckett and Rear Admiral Albert Calavicci work together to “set right what once went wrong” on project “Quantum Leap.” More than fifteen years after the series finale, we are still just as enthralled as ever.

Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell did not solve history’s little problems alone. Instead “Quantum Leap” depended on dozens of guest stars, launching and advancing the careers of everyone from Terri Hatcher to Neil Patrick Harris. Yet for science fiction fans, the guest stars that stand out the most are those by some of the best names in science fiction, many of them with recurring roles in “Babylon 5” and “Babylon 5 Crusade.”

David Allen Brooks: Better known as “Babylon 5 Crusade’s” Max Eillerson, Brooks appeared in the “Quantum Leap” season three episode “Miss Deep South” as sleazy photographer Clint Beaumont.

Claudia Christensen: Appeared as Allison in season one’s “Play It Again Seymour.” Christensen is best known Lt. Commander Susan Ianova on “Babylon 5.”

Joshua Cox: Appeared as Officer Milardi in season five’s “Star Light, Star Bright.” Cox is perhaps better known to fans of “Babylon 5” as Lt. David Corwin, the ever-present junior officer at “Command and Control.”

Denise Gentile: Played Janett in season three’s “Piano Man.” Gentile is better known for her recurring role on “Babylon 5” as Lise Hampton, Michael Garibaldi’s love interest.

Lance LeGault: Guest stared as rancher Chance McGill in season one’s “How the Tess Was Won.” LeGault’s career across film genres is enormous. Fans of the original “Battlestar Galactica” remember him for playing Maga, the Borellian Nomen from “The Man with Nine Lives” and “Baltar’s Escape,” along with “Bootes” in “The Lost Warrior.” Fans of “Star Trek the Next Generation” remember him as Klingon Captain K’Temoc in the second season episode “The Emissary.”

Anne Lockhart: Best known as Sheba from the original “Battlestar Galactica.” Lockhart guest starred in “Quantum Leap” as in season five’s “Star Light, Star Bright.”

Roddy McDowell: Appeared in “A Leap for Lisa” from season four as Edward St. John V. McDowell is best known for starring as Cornelius in the ground breaking “Planet of the Apes” movie series from the 1960s and 1970s.

Robert Duncan McNeill: Appeared in season two’s “Good Night, Dear Heart” as Greg Trusedale. Science fiction fans know McNeill best as Lt. Tom Paris from the starship “Voyager.”

Marjorie Monaghan: Stared in season three’s “One Strobe Over the Line” as model Edie Lansdale. Fans of “Babylon 5” remember her as Tessa Holloran, aka “Number One” from the Mars resistance as a Freya from the “Star Trek Voyager” episode “Heroes and Demons.”

Andrea Thompson: Guest starred in season three’s “The Leap Home, part two Vietnam,” as photojournalist Maggie Dawson She is perhaps better known to “Babylon 5” fans as telepath Talia Winters.

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