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Pay per month for a shortened link?

Good morning authors.  If you are like me, you probably received an email from www.booklinker.net regarding their viewbook.at universal linking service:

Screenshot of what happens when I input http://viewBook.at/Boudiccakindle  to my browser

Screenshot of what happens when I input http://viewBook.at/Boudiccakindle to my browser

“You may have noticed that BookLinker short-links are currently displaying brief rich-media advertisments before redirecting to your content.

This is because Amazon Associates are withholding affiliate income from us; effectively forcing us to display these ads in order to meet our ongoing costs.

Sales are unlikely to be affected, but if you would like to continue using our service *completely ad-free*, we are offering a new premium plan, costing 10 GBP per month.”

The email concludes with a request for me to sign up for the premium plan with no further details about the plan, what the plan includes, or how it works, nor was there any information on booklinker.net website*.

Based just on the information available to me, I interpret the above to mean that for every viewbook.at or related link you use for your books, you owe booklinker £10 — that is about $16 PER LINK — or your customers will be subjected to their very annoying advertisements blocking their connection to your books which will, naturally, cost YOU sales because no one wants that sort of intrusive spam.

As an author with ten, soon to be twelve, book titles, this amounts to paying them over £100 per month just to use their universal links to Amazon sites.

I don’t know about you, but I can think of better ways to spend that kind of money per month than just convenience links that direct customers to the correct version of Amazon for their countries.

Therefore as of today, I will no longer use viewbook.at links.  There are competing companies to viewbook.at and of course, marketing strategies that do not involve universal links.  If booklinker had chosen instead to charge a small fee per link generated (maybe $1 or £1 each), I could respect that and certainly I would pay that one time fee each.

But a subscription just to avoid annoying my readers?  NO WAY.

(originally posted at 830 am EDT; edited at 1050 am EDT)

*Note:  The remark by Michael Downing at 950am does NOT change my position.  Even if what he claims is true — for which I have no evidence at the time of either the original posting nor this edit — I can only go on what was emailed to me this morning and make my own interpretations based on available information.

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