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Character Profile: Princess Anlei


Series Name: The Peers of Beinan

Character name: Princess Anlei

Parents names: Queen Isabelle of house Gurun and Lord Knight Bevin of house Ten-Ar

Character’s Date of Birth: BE 6281, beinor 54

Place of Birth (if known): the palace in Hejing in Dongbei on planet Beinan.

Book appearing in: The Great Succession Crisis

Profile:  When we first meet Princess Anlei she is a rebellious adolescent determined to be opposed to everything her family wants and believes in — especially religion.  Through the experience of choosing between politics and love and the very real danger to her life, she grows as a person, finally embracing her birthright and becoming the leader that was always inside of her.

2014 panto ensemble

Kluane Saunders (left in blue) as Fairy Liquid in the 2014/2015 production of Jack in the Beanstalk at the Elgiva Theatre.

Ideal actress to play in a film adaptation: British actress Kluane Saunders

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