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A few inspiring quotes from Abraham Hicks

Most of you know by now that I believe in the Law of Attraction as introduced to me in the movie, “The Secret.”  While I disagree with the whole channeling thing, I do find wisdom from the being(s) calling themselves “Abraham” who speak through Esther Hicks.  Whatever the objective (is there one) reality is, the quotes and youtube videos offer useful meditations designed to help us change our attitudes about life and change the paradigms that often bind our choices.

Here are some of my favorite and most useful quotes from http://www.thesecret-lawofattraction.net/ and from youtube.

I love the above video because of the way it makes the Law of Attraction make sense, using a river metaphor that everyone can relate to.

And another one that really puts the first video into application

Moving from videos, here are some very useful quotes:


“So, how do you remove unwanted from your experience?

By not putting it on your plate, by not focusing upon it.

By making the best of things, by not beating the drum of unwanted.

By not taking something you know you don’t like and putting it on your plate and then putting it in your mouth and then complaining about it.

In other words….by not exaggerating it, but by making lighter !!”

“If you can practice the art of vagueness on subjects that make you feel negative emotion ….

and the art of specifics on subjects that DO make you feel good…

you will have figured Deliberate Creation out precisely because that really is all there is to it.”


If it is a struggle, you are going about it the hard way.

This is the thing we want you to understand.

The path of least resistance is a fun path.

The path of least resistance feels good.

The path of least resistance is clarity.

The path of least resistance is ease.”

Here is an excerpt from http://www.thesecret-lawofattraction.net/abrahamhicksquote275.html that I really like!

“All Ailments Resolve Themselves. 

All things do resolve themselves, if allowed. All things do. 

ALL things do resolve themselves — if allowed.

You say, “Some things resolve themselves,” and you believe that. 

And when we say all things resolve themselves, you don’t really believe that. 

You want to, but you don’t have personal proof about it.

There’s the belief that says, 

“Well, I really don’t believe all things resolve themselves,” 

and as you activate that vibration, all kinds of people start showing up with un-resolved things. 

But that’s not the evidence you’re wanting to attract. 

You’re wanting evidence that says, “All things can resolve themselves.”

Bridge your locked off statement by saying, 

“Well, I don’t know how I’ve been disallowing it. 

I’ve been doing it without knowing I’m doing it. 

But now I am aware that negative emotion means I’m doing it, 

and I’m going to start watching for those moments when I’m not allowing it.”

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