The Peers of Beinan

Who are the peers of Beinan? Where do they live? Why are their adventures your best next science fiction read?

Top: Prince Yubi emerges from his space craft after it lands in Texas. Shot from the open credits of Benji, Zax, and the Alien Prince.  Below: the original cover art used in 2012 for the Great Succession Crisis.

It all began in November 2010. On almost a whim I searched Netflix for an old science fiction series I loved as a kid: "Benji, Zax, and the Alien Prince." BZAP tells the story of an exiled prince (played by Christopher Burton) from another galaxy who is pursued by bounty hunters.  With only a dog and his protector droid to help him, Prince Yubi goes on adventures as he seeks to avoid capture and certain death on his home planet of Antars.


Finding the show and watching again for the first time since the 1980s was like falling in love again. Hard. Needing an outlet for my fandom, I put pen to paper to write a fan fiction prequel. I didn't know it then, but I was about to write my first novel for publication. 

The story was intended to explain how and why Prince Yubi left Antars, add a few more adventures to the regular canon, and then bring Yubi back to Antars to confront and defeat Zanu.

Except of course my imagination didn't work quite as intended.  Just as importantly, I couldn't figure out how to get permission from show creator and producer Joe Camp to write the book in the first place.

Feeling stuck, I scraped the fan fiction idea and decided to let my story be my story. What was supposed to be one 200 page book became a five book series ("The Poisoned Ground" and "The Poisoned Ground and the Healer Consort" are two versions of the same story) with room for more books in the timeline if I found the books to be particularly commercially successful.  I built into the timeline a place for a lovely Star Trek crossover featuring Q, and made my series my own.  In August 2012 I published the first edition of "The Great Succession Crisis." Significant revisions followed, along with the two prequel novellas and two sequel novels to GSC.  It's a beautiful series about nobles, royals, and governments facing many of the same problems confronted by Earth-based constitutional monarchies and republics -- except located in another galaxy where I felt I could more safely explore social issues without offense. It's a series filled with music (I come from a song-writing background) and with terror (a reflection of my violent childhood). But always, no matter how dark the stories go, always filled with hope.  The world building -- physical, political, and religious -- reflects many of my passions too along with my training as a historian. Whatever you think of my stories, I am forever proud of my world building.  These are beautiful books I hope you will come to enjoy.  And never forget:  resistance is NOT futile.

Planet Beinan. Designation: (B345A15 Quartus)

Location: between 15-18 million Light years (5-6 MILLION light yen-Ars) from Earth (D425E92 Tertius).  Galaxy D395 (M31, Andromedia) lies between B345A15 Quartus and D425E92 Tertius.

Beinan is a thickly cloud covered planet five times the size of Earth with a lighter mass than Earth revolving around a white to blue-white (class A) main sequence star approximately twice the size of Earth’s yellow sun. From a distance it appears predominately red (a residual from planet Antars in Benji, Zax, and the Alien Prince).  It has three moons:  Biya Eldengge (largest and brightest), Biya Gealach (about the size of the planet Mars with a luminous blue surface as seen from Beinan), and Biya Xiao-Yue (smallest and most crater-covered).

Beinarian society is organized into ten noble houses and three non-noble houses inspired by Frank Herbert's Landraad. "Dune" and Gene Roddenberry's "Star Trek" are among my biggest influences as a science fiction author.​

Collage showing all the heraldry designed for the series. Laurel A. Rockefeller designed and made each of these heraldric emblems which themselves visually tell the stories of each ruler and each house. 

The First King web.jpg

The First King was written at the same time as The Great Succession Crisis. Later integrated into and replaced by "Good-bye A672E92 Quintus," it offers insights into the origins of the Peers of Beinan Series.

Download a pdf copy for free!

Great Succession Crisis prequel Edition.
Great Succession Crisis digital.jpg
GSC Chinese.jpg
Great Succession Crisis Extended Edition

The Great Succession Crisis

Available in both English and Spanish, the Great Succession Crisis tells the classic tale of a young princess forced to choose between the knight who loves her and the political enemy able to guarantee survival of her dynasty. It's a coming-of-age romance, a Cinderella story filled with knights and pageantry, sword fights, and of course a grand ball set among the politics and secrets corrupting the government.  A light-hearted start to the series you are certain to enjoy. 


Available in both English and Chinese, the Ghosts of the Past is the epic heart of the Peers of Beinan Series and was the longest book ever written by Ms. Rockefeller until 2019's "His Red Eminence, Armand-Jean du Plessis de Richelieu" surpassed it in length. Spanning three generations, Ghosts tells the tale of flawed hero Elendir, a distant cousin of his best friend and heir-apparent to the throne, Prince Kendric. After terrorist attacks kill both of Elendir's healer parents, Elendir grows up lost and emotionally wounded in the Ten-Arian monastery. After coming of age, Lord Knight Elendir sets out on a quest to find his parents' killers, to quiet the ghosts of the past still haunting him. But finding the killers and finding peace both have a price in this mystery that will have you guessing until the very end.

Listen to Ms. Rockefeller perform "I Shall Always Find You" and "Here Lays My Father and My Lord."    

Good-bye A672E92 Quintus French.jpg
Good-bye A672E92 Quintus Hindi.jpg
Good-bye A672E92 Quintus audio cover.jpg
Good-bye A672E92 Quintus French audio cover.jpg
Good-bye A672E92 Quintus Italian.jpg

Good-Bye A672E92 Quintus

Available in several languages, Good-bye is chronologically the first story in the Peers of Beinan Series and is mentioned in passing in all three trilogy novels. It tells the tale of the legendary Lady Priestess Brigid of House Miyoo (founder of "House" Brigid) and Balistrian Dynasty founder Lord Master Bowman Malvyn in the final yen-ars on original home world A672E92 Quintus before its sun went nova. With blood feuds still dividing Beinarian society, it will take a miracle of sorts to escape the dying world before it is too late, to take the Beinarian race to the stars.

The Poisoned Ground audio icon.jpg
poisoned ground healer consort portugues
The Poisoned Ground Hindi web.jpg
The Poisoned Ground ITALIAN.jpg

The Poisoned Ground

Based on actual political and environmental conditions in western Pennsylvania, the Poisoned Ground (and its "director's cut" extended version, "The Poisoned Ground and the Healer Consort") tells the tale of Lady Abbess Cara of House Ten-Ar as she seeks to discover the source of a sudden and mysterious plague killing the residents of Nan-li City in Xi-Nan Fang, the same disease that will eventually infect Lord Knight Elendir during his quest for the truth.  A conspiracy is brewing behind the scenes. What will it cost the abbess as she seeks to find the secrets within "The Poisoned Ground?" 

Princess Anyu Returns

The Peers of Beinan Series concludes with the story of Princess Anyu as she seeks to survive on the hostile alien world, D425E25 Tertius, a world completely devoid of atmospheric nirlar she needs in order to breathe.  But more than just the toxic atmosphere and brutal New England winter awaits the young princess as she finds she is not the only Beinarian living among Earth humans in this final chapter that decides the fate of planet Beinan once and for all!

Songs of Beinarian Court.jpg
Songs of Beinarian Court FRENCH.jpg
Songs of Beinarian Court audio icon.jpg


A short collection of songs and poems spanning the entire Peers of Beinan series. Audio edition performed by Alex Freeman and Laurel A. Rockefeller. Hear samples from the audio edition. 


Anlei Legacy cover.jpg

The Legacy of Princess Anlei

The Complete Series

The Peers of Beinan Series comes together in two boxed set options.  Take home the Legacy of Princess Anlei volume consisting of the three novels "The Great Succession Crisis," "The Ghosts of the Past," and "Princess Anyu Returns."  Prefer to read the entire series in chronological order? Then the Complete Series is for you!  One series, two boxed set options that are out of this world.


The Peers of Beinan Dramas

Good-Bye A672E92 Quintus: A play in two acts

The romance, archery, and technology of Good-Bye A672E92 Quintus comes to life in this stage version inspired by the west end production of "War of the Worlds" starring Michael Praed. Use your computer and a simple projector to create dazzling special effects as Brigid and Malevyn fall in love and create the Beinarian society we know and love today! 

The Poisoned Ground and the Healer Consort: a play in three acts

The romance and villainy of The Poisoned Ground and the Healer Consort comes alive on stage in this three act play. More violent than "Poisoned Ground" and less explicit than "Healer Consort," it is thought-provoking theatre at its finest. 

Companion Books


The Complete Data Files

Everything you ever wanted to know (and more) about the Peers of Beinan Universe. Technical data on planet Beinan including geography, flora, fauna, and the weather. Extended biographies for the main characters in "The Great Succession Crisis," "Ghosts of the Past," and "Princess Anyu Returns."  Song lyrics. Beinarian astronomy. And of course a comprehensive glossary spanning the entire series. There's even a recipe for Beinarian slatkos you can make at home.


A must-have for Peers of Beinan fans.

Beinarian slatkos with kara fruit filling. Download the recipe and eat like a Beinarian princess.

The Lost tales

Go behind the scenes with stories, chapters, and drafts that did not make it into the final novels. Unedited and raw-formatted, "Lost Tales" takes you into the mind of the author and into the world-building process.

The First King audio icon.jpg