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Poverty Culture and Cockatiels Begin "independent Stories" Series

I moved to western Pennsylvania in 2011 after my unemployment ran out and I could no longer afford to live in Brooklyn, New York.  Unlike the wounded but still bustling city I loved, the Great Recession threw my new rust belt town deeper into despair.  Though I've always been among the educated poor, encountering the poverty culture of western Pennsylvania was a massive culture shock.  As I always do when stressed, I blogged about my experience. That is, until 2014 when I decided to step outside of my history comfort zone and explore the financial and economics side of what was in my life.

What I discovered about the key socio-economic forces driving my town was shocking in both its scope and the relative ease in which these problems could be addressed -- not just by governments but every town, every village. By investing in people and in prevent problems before they start we can make a huge difference in American Poverty.

Most children growing up in Nebraska beg their parents for a pony.  I begged for a bird. When my mother denied every request I made for a cockatoo I shifted tactics and asked for a budgerigar (parakeet). The compromise she made with me in the first grade changed my life forever.

This is the story of my journey with parrots -- first budgerigars and then cockatiels -- and the lessons I've learned along the way about how to provide the best possible home for my birds. Unlike most books on the market, this book focuses on preparation for bringing a bird home and the first few weeks living with your new bird. With over 30 years of experience behind it, "Preparing for My First Cockatiel" is useful to both experienced cockatiel owners and prospective owners alike.  There's always something new to learn when it comes to building a life with cockatiels. This guide shares with you what I've learned in the best, most wonderful journey of my life. 

Preparing for My First Cockatiel - Audio - English

Coming to Audible in January, 2020!