"Life in America" and "Life with Cockatiels" Series

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Written in 2014, American Poverty was originally a collection of essays Ms. Rockefeller wrote for Yahoo Voices. The book begins with her personal experiences and observations before moving into insights and analyses based on data from American Express, Forbes, CNN Money, The New York Times, Feeding America, The Shriver Report, Herald Scotland, BBC News, The Joseph Roundtree Foundation, The Huffington Post, and The Toronto Star.  Beautifully narrated to audio by Alex Freeman.

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Coming for Christmas, 2022!

American Patriarchy explores life in America for women. Five essays on the American experience of patriarchy become the discussion topics for the analysis in part two.

Topics include:

  • Patriarchy in the work place

  • Hostess as the ideal

  • Mansplaining

  • Domestic Violence and Rape Culture 

  • Patriarchy and Money.

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Coming in 2023! 

The life stories of the most influential women in colonial and early America and New France come together in this fascinating book that will leave you inspired.


Unlike the Legendary Women of World History biographies, Founding Mothers is a collection of short biographical profiles exploring women about whom we often know less about that the LWWH biography subjects.


Founding Mothers includes the stories of:

  • Abigail Smith Adams (first lady of the United States)

  • Sally Hemings (slave and concubine to Thomas Jefferson)

  • Martha Wayles Skelton Jefferson (wife of Thomas Jefferson and half-sister to Sally Hemings)

  • Marie-Madeleine Jarret de Verchères (the heroine of Fort Verchères in New France)

  • Dolley Payne Todd Madison (first lady of the United States)

  • Pocahontas (Powhatan Confederacy princess kidnapped by the English)

  • Margaret Bayard Smith (author and diarist about life in Washington DC in its first years)

  • Martha Dandridge Custis Washington (first lady of the United States)

…and many more.


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Most children growing up in Nebraska beg their parents for a pony.  I begged for a bird. When my mother denied every request I made for a cockatoo I shifted tactics and asked for a budgerigar (parakeet). The compromise she made with me in the first grade changed my life forever.

This is the story of my journey with parrots -- first budgerigars and then cockatiels -- and the lessons I've learned along the way about how to provide the best possible home for my birds. Unlike most books on the market, this book focuses on preparation for bringing a bird home and the first few weeks living with your new bird. With over 30 years of experience behind it, "Preparing for My First Cockatiel" is useful to both experienced cockatiel owners and prospective owners alike.  There's always something new to learn when it comes to building a life with cockatiels. This guide shares with you what I've learned in the best, most wonderful journey of my life. 

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In this guide book and sequel to “Preparing For My First Cockatiel,” author Laurel A. Rockefeller explores how to enhance your birds’ lives so they live well beyond the “senior bird” threshold of ten years old. Diet is covered extensively along with how to improve your birds’ home environment for the challenges older birds face.

As with “Preparing for My First Cockatiel,” “Senior Cockatiel” is filled with personal stories and science, exploring what a cockatiel is and how to live a long and very happy life with your best friend.

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Mithril and Me is the true story of one woman's life journey with birds. Beginning in 1980 with a budgerigar (parakeet) named Luke, you meet each of one Laurel’s budgerigars, then cockatiels, exploring their lives and the impact of different people upon both Laurel and each bird. Heartfelt, affectionate, and honest, “Mithril and Me” will warm your heart, make you cry, and inspire you along the way.

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Learning about the past through tourism and through living history recreations, re-enactments, and/or faires celebrating a specific time, place, and/or event in history is a popular and often expensive hobby. From October 1990 to about the summer of 2012 Laurel A. Rockefeller was part of the largest and most popular medieval history re-creation organization: the Society for Creative Anachronism.

Laurel A. Rockefeller combined her passion for cockatiels with her passion for hands-on history when she introduced the aviculture sciences to the SCA in 2006. Over the course of the next six years, she researched and wrote about companion birds in the middle ages, focusing on parrots and, as is encouraged in the SCA, honing that research towards her own late 12th century, Jin dynasty persona, “Lady Biya,” the title of “lady” granted to her in 2007 for her ground-breaking work with birds.

Though extensively published by both the Barony of Settmour Swamp in New Jersey and the Crown Province of Ostgardr in New York City, most of Laurel’s works have not survived her exit from the SCA. This book then is what survives of six years of extensive historical research and is of certain interest to anyone who wants to learn about parrot history for both Europe and Asia.