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Winner of the 2019 Godiva Book Award from the Naked Reviewers

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Originally written in 2012 for Yahoo Voices, "A New Start" proves that Ms. Rockefeller can write a western. Free on Smashwords, Apple, Barnes/Noble, and at the download link above, this flash-fiction tale of Irish immigration to Nebraska is lavish in historical detail.

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Released on 1 November 2017, "The Arban and the Saman" is Ms. Rockefeller's first full-scale historical fiction novel and is based in part on one of her past lives.

It is the year 1211 CE. Five years after being declared "khan," Chinggis Khan and his invading hordes are sweeping across the north China plain, right into the nűzhen heartland. Their objective: conquest of the mighty Jin Empire.

Among those sent into Liaoning is a low-ranking officer (an arban) named Mongke Nichan, a spiritual man on a personal quest to find his soulmate and fulfill a prophesy long lingering in his heart.

But finding his twin flame and convincing her are two completely different matters in this wartime romance that takes you into the very heart of Asian mysticism and deep into the ranks of the powerful Mongol Horde.

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Priest. Lover. Statesman.

Cardinal Armand-Jean du Plessis, duc de Richelieu is one of the most famous -- or infamous politicians of all time. Made a villain in the popular Dumas novel, "The Three Musketeers," the real man was a dedicated public servant loyal to king and country. A man of logic and reason, he transformed how we think about nations and nationality. He secularized wars between countries, patronized the arts for the sake of the public good, founded the first newspaper in France, and created France as the modern country we know today.

Filled with period music, dance, and plenty of romance, "His Red Eminence" transports you back to the court of King Louis XIII in all its vibrant and living color.

Includes eight period songs, plus prayers, a detailed timeline, and extensive bibliography so you can keep learning.

Winner of the 2019 Godiva Book Award.