Textbooks and Activity Books

Learn social studies anywhere -- without the need for an internet connection with Student - Teacher editions of Laurel A. Rockefeller's books.  Travel through time as you explore history-making leaders and thinkers.  Learn about economics and Animals. Practice reading comprehension and critical thinking skills. Tie-in puzzle books test what you know while having fun solving the brain teasers.

Whether your needs are for a short term home schooling or a formal classroom unit, these books make learning fun and easy.


Puzzle Books

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LWWH Activity Book v1.jpg
Catherine de Valois Activity Book.jpg
Catherine de Valois Quaderno di Esercizi
Italian PDF
Boudicca Activity Book.jpg
Empress Wu Zetian ACTIVITY BOOK.jpg
Mary Queen of the Scots Activity Book.jp
Gwenllian ferch Gruffydd ACTIVITY BOOK.j
Queen Elizabeth Tudor ACTIVITY BOOK.jpg
Empress Matilda of England activity book
Hypatia of Alexandria Activity Book.jpg
cleopatra vii Activity Book.jpg
Red Eminence Activity Book.jpg
Margaret of Wessex Activity Book.jpg

Student- Teacher Book Editions

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Boudicca Student - Teacher edition.jpg
Queen Elizabeth Tudor student-teacher.jp
Empress Matilda of England Student Teach
Catherine de Valois Student-Teacher edit
Empress Wu Zetian student - teacher edit
Hypatia of Alexandria student - teacher
Mary Queen of the Scots student - teache
Gwenllian ferch Gruffydd student - teach
cleopatra vii student - teacher edition.
Margaret of Wessex - Student Teacher.jpg
Hildegarde von Bingen - English - student teacher.jpg
America Poverty Student Teacher.jpg
arban saman Student-Teacher icon.jpg
Katharina von Bora Student-Teacher - English icon.jpg
Eleanor of Aquitaine - Student-Teacher English web.jpg
Hypatia of Alexandria student - teacher

Edições portuguesas

Queen Elizabeth Tudor Portuguese STUDENT
Imperatriz Matilde da Inglaterra Portugu
cleopatra vii portuguese student-teacher
Margaret of Wessex - Portuguese - studen

Ediciones en español

Mary Queen of the Scots student-teacher
cleopatra vii  student teacher spanish.j
Queen Elizabeth Tudor Spanish STUDENT TE
Boudicca Espanol - Edición Escolar.jpg
Emperatriz Matilda de Inglaterra STUDENT
Hypatia of Alexandria Spanish student-teacher icon.jpg

Edizioni italiane

Boudicca Italian - Edizione Docente Stud
Matilde d’Inghilterra student-teacher It
Hypatia of Alexandria student-teacher It
Mary Queen of the Scots student-teacher
Catherine de Valois Italian Student-Teacher icon.jpg
Hildegarde von Bingen - Italian - student teacher.jpg
Queen Elizabeth Tudor student-teacher It
Empress Wu Italian student-teacher edition icon.jpg
Margaret of Wessex - Italian - student teacher web.jpg
cleopatra vii italian student-teacher web.jpg
Gwenllian ferch Gruffydd ITALIAN student-teacher edition web.jpg
Katharina von Bora Student-Teacher - Italian web.jpg

Deutsche Ausgaben

Kaiserin Mathilde of England German stud

Édition française

Eleanor of Aquitaine - Student-Teacher French web.jpg